EMG Pte Ltd, a company of the Lifelong Learning Academy Group.
our vision

Inspiring Others

To inspire knowledge and skills acquisition to engender employability and self-development for the workforce.
our mission

Engage, Enhance, Enable

Our Values

To foster a happy work environment, in all our thoughts, words and actions we shall practise:

Gentle Heart

Practise forbearance, Be caring and Be mindful


Be graceful, Be appreciative and Be considerate


Do the right thing, Own it and Be supportive

Our Story

Adding Value through Client-Focused & Co-Created Solutions

Meet our experienced leadership

Experienced People

At EMG, we believe in, and actively leverage on, the strength of our diversity of work experience, ideas, personalities, gender, and culture.

P Palaniappan


Palani, Group CEO of LLA and a serial entrepreneur, started his career as a management consultant and then moved onto building a 450-person manufacturing business in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China. He has also successfully co-founded management consulting and corporate education businesses.

Khiryati Kairi

Group Managing Director

Ms Khiryati Kairi (“Yati”), Managing Director, is the co-founder and key principal consultant at EMG, where she has built up a successful education and technology consulting business. Now, she provides leadership for our consulting and digital businesses clients from MNCs and the public sector.

Our diverse, multicultural, and inclusive team makes every member feel valued, respected and their voices heard to foster belonging as a unique member of the EMG, and the larger Lifelong Learning Academy family.


To ensure professional value to our clients through all our engagements, we provide our team access to continuous learning and development opportunities that helps them achieve their aspirations as well as stay updated on the latest trends and technologies.

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