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EMG, as a member of the Lifelong Learning Academy Group, works to enhance the skills and capabilities of our clients by enabling their teams to acquire relevant and necessary competencies to generate the desired business outcomes.

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Our Unique WinMakers™ Methodology Curated Just For You

At EMG, we are keenly aware that every client, even from the same industry and with similar challenges, is unique and, so the term “one size fits all” is neither in our vocabulary nor in the way we approach each project.  As a result, we have designed and delivered our proven methodology and platform, WinMakers™ to help clients succeed in overcoming their specific and unique challenges.

WinMakers™ :
Designed to Win

We have developed an interactive technology platform, WinMakers™, that brings about learning and positive behavioural change via gamification, by adding a fun element through competition, to reinforce and increase the retention and recall of learning. 

Participants can play individually or in a team, while learning, to get rewards that are redeemable for prizes as incentives to reinforce their learning and interest.

Digital Campus is a proprietary online learning platform developed by our sister company, ASCENSUS INSTITUTE of the Lifelong Learning Academy Group, to support the training, reskilling, and upskilling of organisations to enable them to prepare for, and succeed in, the Industry 4.0 business landscape. The platform can be customised to suit every staff level and pace of learning that each client requires.

Our Digital Campus allows users to manage their personal learning journeys through EMG’s curated programmes. Users can also learn from a curriculum put together by their organisations, for them to meet the required level of competencies or qualifications.  

With the multi-modal Digital Campus, users can access their personalised learning contents, as well as videos and e-books from any device, from anywhere and at any time. This approach of Learn-on-the-Go™ & Learn-in-the-Flow™ enables productive and direct application of concepts learnt.

We partnered with Skillsoft, the provider of the most extensive digital library in the world, to offer a comprehensive range of contents to meet the needs of every organisation and every learner.

We know that what we recommend to our clients will be more effective when we also have insights into the personalities, strengths, and preferred communication styles of each team member involved in the implementation of the solutions.  Thus, we developed a core expertise in profiling participants in our approach to enhance the success of implementing the customised solutions for our clients. Our consultants use Emergenetics, MBTI, DISC, Big Five and other profiling tools in the industry.

Learning and bringing about positive behavioural change can be enhanced with coaching. At EMG, we can offer group or 1-to-1 personalized coaching sessions to address developmental areas and sharpen the skills imparted during seminar room sessions.

To measure the return on investment of coaching and help our clients be more targeted in organising coaching for their staff, we conduct surveys that allow each participant to track their coaching progress and make the necessary adjustments to the coaching programme.

Why Choose Us


Co-Created Solutions

By co-creating solutions with clients, we can contextualize it to the unique and culturally-sensitive workplace scenarios, with content, language, and case studies which are relevant and contextual to the client. The process of co-creating the content allows clients to generate the necessary and crucial buy-in from their teams to own and be accountable for the outcome of the solutions.

Our approach results in higher team engagement, and solution implementation success at the workplace resulting in higher and more effective performance.

  1. Direction
    Conduct focus group sessions with stakeholders to understand pain points and agree on expected outcomes.
  2. Design
    Facilitate buy-in from key participants through co-creation of client’s solution and interventions to ensure successful implementation and sustained adoption.
  3. Development
    Conduct a pilot run to validate the solution and fine-tune implementation by gathering feedback from the teams on the ground.
  4. Deployment
    Roll out the co-created intervention.  Conduct post-training evaluation to assess the impact of the implementation and measure return on investment based on improved performance and outcomes.

Experienced Consultants

Palani and his team of consultants have an average of more than 20 years of both industry and/or consulting experience with clients from various industries across the globe, predominantly in the Asia Pacific region. 

Having conducted consulting assignments across diverse organisations like government, public-sector and non-profit organisations, as well as businesses from a variety of sectors such as technology, finance, engineering, law, medicine, and many more, allows the team to understand the issues, challenges, and pain points of our clients more deeply and intimately. 

This solid track record establishes trust with our clients and enables us to co-create contextually suitable solutions and training programmes to ensure the desired and most cost-effective outcomes.


Multi-Modal Delivery

From our experience, and this can be attested to by our clients, learning is enhanced and more effective when delivered in a multi-modal manner. 

At EMG, we incorporate hybrid learning that consists of both virtual and face-to-face co-created programmes. This is then delivered via highly interactive and engaging face-to-face sessions and complemented using tools and technology such as our Digital Campus and our gamified WinMakers™ platform.

Delivery in this manner, makes it easier for the learning to be internalised in a fun and memorable way.

International<br>Client Base

International Client Base

We have conducted engagements with clients in:

  • ASEAN: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • ASIA: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan
  • AUSTRALASIA: Australia
  • EUROPE: Belgium, Switzerland
  • NORTH AMERICA: United States of America
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